Students Page

2014 & 2015 Winners

Incorporated August 2014 we Granted three Scholarships.  THEN in our First Full year of business we granted eight educational scholarships.  Here are your winners above!

2016 Winners

Excited as we grow to show you our 2016 Educational Scholarship Winners!  Our SUPER HERO's Make Scholarships Available.  Thanks to all to attend our events, Sponsor our Events, Donate to our Events and Food/Beverage Providers!

2017 Winners

Excited for the growth and Announce our 2017 Educational Scholarship Winners!  SUPER HERO'S YOU MAKE THIS HAPPEN and we HOPE you chose to Continue being a SUPER HERO Provider!

2018 Scholarship Winners

SUPER HERO'S YOU DID IT AGAIN!  Thanks to all who Attend our Events, Sponsor our Events; Donate for our Events; Bid at our Events you make it possible to Gift Educational Scholarships to Tampa Bay Area Needy Students!  THANK YOU

2019 Scholarship Winners

Under Construction as we go into 2019 and YOU Chose to be A SUPER HERO

Under Construction

YES we are looking into the future of YOUR Area Needy Students to Meet their Educational Needs.  THANK YOU SUPER HERO'S for your Continued Support!